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IoT holds great promise to improve operations, customer experience and create net new sources of revenues. Whether you’re a creating the next great IoT based product or service or you’re looking to leverage IoT technology to improve your infrastructure and operations, the dizzing myriad of technologies required from edge to enterprise can be intimidating and lead you to the biggest enemy – inaction.

Solutions for every step of IoT

Arrow eVolve is the framework that brings together the technology, tools, and services to bring your IoT solutions to market with velocity. Industry partnerships with leading companies across the full spectrum technologies from the sensory edge to radio protocols to IP based connectivity to software stacks enabling protocol to API conversion to store data in premise or cloud based platforms to driving service, analytics, and application integrations provide choice and flexibility to build and deliver the right solution. Arrow eVolve differs from many vertically integrated solutions because you’re not forced to accept a single service, technology, or tool. Rather, you’re able to create an optimized IoT platform and we make everything work together. Quickly.

Arrow Connect is a software solution that plumbs the data from the edge to the cloud. Developed by Arrow and designed with security, scale, flexibility, device management, open APIs and extensibility as core tenants enabling broad use cases across multiple industries.

Arrow Connect is capable of bridging any device to any data platform. Connect lets you select the right hardware and the right platform for your application and provides the hooks to seamlessly connect it all. As you evolve, Connect evolves with you, requiring minimal development effort as you upgrade or change hardware, add different gateways, or change cloud platforms. You can provision, control, import, assign, activate, update, suspend, replace, deactivate, and more all from a single platform. Arrow Connect makes device management easy so you can focus on driving business value via data analytics and machine learning tools.

Arrow Connect certified solutions enable you rapidly create solutions or Arrow Connect Gateway SDKs enable you to connect any device on the edge running on the gateway of your choice. Arrow Connect also provides integrated identity managent, roles-based access control, device management and device control, and application development PaaS with flexibility to store the data within the Arrow Connect or directly into PaaS services from leading vendors. Leveraging a built from ground up multi-tenant capability, Arrow Connect provides flexibility and the ability to white-label for customers looking to bring a complete solution to market.

While most people focus on the machine-to-machine aspects of IoT, the machine-to-person aspects are critical to integrate into business and operational processes where solutions are being deployed. Arrow Insight is a comprehensive IT Service Management (ITSM) platform that allows companies to evolve the full service stack to a modern digital experience and drive productivity improvements.

Whether you’re creating a the next great IoT device or service or you’re looking to transform your business, having a modern, flexible, and secure platform is critical to driving operational efficiencies over force fitting into existing tools and processes.

Arrow Insight can be white-labeled allowing integrators and MSPs to provide services to monitor sensors, enterprise hardware, and end user devices on a highly scalable, born in the cloud platform built on an ITIL foundation. Arrow Insight currently monitors 6M+ devices.

Gateway Software

Modules with sensors have different protocols depending on the use case or application. Gateway Software acts as an abstraction layer to these different devices and protocols to make it easy to move data from your devices to your favorite data platform. With Gateway software, you get support for multiple data and connectivity protocols across the most common hardware platforms. Whether your device connects directly to the internet or is connected through a hub, smartphone, or gateway, Gateway Software keeps you connected to your device with bi-directional communication. Gateway Software also offers edge analytics to drive actions at the edge whether it is for reducing bandwidth consumption, improving responsiveness or to support security and privacy use cases.

Arrow Connect Paas

While Arrow Connect Gateway enables you to connect any sensor to any gateway, the Arrow Connect PaaS enables the secure and flexible provisioning of gateways and devices, management of devices of gateways, ingestion of data within Arrow Connects PaaS platform or flexibly allows storing data into popular cloud based IoT services. Arrow Connect also exposes device management and data access RESTful APIs enabling customers to leverage large pool of talented web based developers to develop mobile or web applications or integrate into your enterprise applications. Arrow Connect PaaS is a scalable, multi-tenant IoT device management and application development platform. Arrow Connect PaaS can also be deployed in a premise or private cloud model enabling maximum flexibility based on your enterprise requirements. Security can never be retrofitted into a solution and the Arrow Connect PaaS was built with security as a leading consideration, with authentication, authorization and encryption built-in and backed by a third party security audit.

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